Balloon Releases Balloon releases can be the perfect way to end an event whether Fete, fund raiser, spectacular, garden party, Wedding, pop concert, you name it people will remember it. Some of you will say fireworks are better, they are after dark, but not so good in day light. They are also noisey and a safety hazard and can be very expensive. It is true if you do not know how to do a professional balloon release you could say they harm the environment. They will if they do not reach 20,000ft where they expand to a point where they explode into tiny pieces. Latex is a natural substances which goes back to nature at about the same rate as a oak leaf. You can use a balloon release as a race, we will supply special race tickets for you to sell, these are attached to the balloon and when it explodes the tickets will float back to the ground. The secret is to find a sponsor who can offer a valuable prize and then collect £1.50 to £2 per ticket sold, maybe even more if you have a really valuable prize. It costs about £1 to £1.20 per balloon including our time and equipment and specialist knowledge. People will stay until they see the balloons released, so by leaving them to the end you can keep your audience at the event longer. You can see by the pictures how amazing they look. If you are looking for a spectacular give us a call and we will help you maximise the effect of a balloon release. Call 01622 815666 or email
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Never ever release latex balloons with ribbons attached, the ribbons are a hazard to wild life.
Never ever release Foil balloons they are metal and can cause Electrical faults
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