Coronavirus Status Please call us on 01622 815666 to discuss your needs so we can ensure we do the very best to help you. We prefer a phone call as this means we can fully establish your needs, if you do email please tell us what you need, when and where in the email so we can give you the best reply. We will only inflate balloons that we know are safe e.g. have not been in contact with anyone else for the last 4 days. This means if you have balloons that you want inflated, they need to be delivered to us 5 days before they are required so we can ensure they are safe before we inflate them. The best solution is that you call us and tell us what you want early enough so we can order them and ensure they are safe to inflate. We have had several calls asking if we can inflate balloons that people have purchased online for same day collection which we have had to decline. We do not stock small gas cylinders as we think they are too expensive and often fail to deliver enough gas. They also need to be disposed of causing more waste. Please note, we run our business from home to keep costs as low as possible, so please call us on 01622 815666 before you travel to ensure we are available and can do what you want. We do keep some stock but try to keep this to a minimum. Please make payment by Internet Banking wherever possible, we do not take Credit Cards and prefer not to take cash payments unless absolutely necessary. When Internet Banking please ensure your payment reaches us before you collect. Please note. Although we love delivering and setting up balloon arches, during the Pandemic we will only provide single balloon arches that you can set up inside the premises yourself. Spiral arches need expertise to set up on a reusable frame which would mean that we must enter the premises to set up and recover the frame which at this time we will not do. We hope you understand our terms at this difficult time and we are able to help you celebrate those special days. Call 01622 815666 or email
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