Exploding Balloons Enchanted Bubble We call Exploding Balloons Enchanted Bubbles because they have a level of magic in the way they look and the impact they have at your event. Create the WOW factor twice at your event, first when people see these incredible balloons floating in the air and secondly when you pop them Our experience says virtually everyone loves to see the Enchanted Bubble. So much so, over the years we have delivered lots of them. What is an Enchanted Bubble? A large balloon with lots of small balloons inside, the large balloon size can vary from 16 inch to as much as 3 feet in diameter. We will fill it with lots of small balloons, then fill it with helium and let it float as a centre piece on the day or fill it with air and place it on top of a pillar of balloons and explode it during the evening. Or suspend it above the dance floor subject to ceiling height and fixings. Some people like to pop them when everyone is on the dance floor showering your guests with lots of smaller balloons. It makes a great photo opportunity. Alternatively we can use confetti as the stuffing and shower everyone with this instead, if the venue will allow. Pillar Mounted Enchanted Bubbles. These come in various designs and a wide range of colour schemes to match your  event. Enchanted Bubbles range in price from £75 to £140 each according to the configuration, size of bubble, and contents. We can even customise the big balloon with your name and date of Wedding or have butterflies printed on the balloon or Just Married to name a few options. Enchanted Bubbles are really special, make your event special with your own Enchanted Bubbles.
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